The mission of the HGL is to unite the most talented and committed football players and coaches here in the Islands and develop their skills resulting in one of the most exciting and competitive football leagues in the world. The HGL major league style platform will provide our players with the opportunity to once again play the game they grew to love and if they take full advantage of this chance can potentially lead to the opportunity to advance their playing careers to the more established professional leagues such as the NFL, CFL, AFL and the X-League of Japan.

The ultimate goal of the HGL is to become the supreme conference in the World Gridiron Association and show to other international gridiron leagues that no football is greater than the HGL. In doing so not only do we gain worldwide respect for football here in the islands but we also have another platform to spread Aloha around the globe resultin in Hawaii being the hub from Golbal Gridiron Competition.

Welcome to the Hawaii Gridiron League!


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