League Founder & CEO

Darrick Branch(photo coming soon)

The Former University of Hawaii Football and Professional Football Player developed the HGL as a gift to all the young adults who still dream of playing the game they love, American Football. As a player Darrick feels that his experiences and travels while playing the game changed his perspective on life and the world as a whole. “This league was created for all of you who didn’t get to live your dreams playing Div I College and Professional Football. The HGL is for all of you who wish you could lace up the cleats one more and play for the love of the game”.

HGL Consultant

Ashley Lelie

League Consultant Ashley Lelie

Ashley Lelie

Former University of Hawaii All American who later was selected as the First Round Pick of the Denver Broncos. His dedication to the gridiron game and love for local athletes has the HGL excited to have Ashley as the face and energy of our organization.

Marketing Director:

Sales Director:

Coming Soon

Ticket Manager:

Coming Soon

Game Day Operations Manager:

Coming Soon:

Chief Financial Officer:

Calvin Cole Jr

Founder & President of Executive Tax Services

Medical Technician

Orlando Williams

League Compliance Officer

Coming Soon


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